Keith Anderson

Estimating Manager, Grade & Pave


  • Police Academy
  • Law Enforcement Certificate (POST)
  • SWAT Police Officer Course Certificate
  • Biography

    Keith Anderson brings 16 years of experience in the construction industry, starting his journey at McGuire and Hester in 2007 as a Quantity Engineer before rising to the position of Estimating Manager-Grade&Pave. Transitioning from law enforcement, he seamlessly merged his expertise, earning certifications from the Police Academy, Law Enforcement Certificate (POST), and SWAT Police Officer Course. Keith's proudest accomplishments include raising his two daughters and receiving the 2020 APWA Public Works Project of the Year award. He is an individual who prioritizes clear communication and family values. Embracing the philosophy of "it is what it is," Keith finds fulfillment in the estimating process, cherishing the opportunity for continuous learning in a collaborative environment. Outside of work, he treasures moments spent with his family, embracing the simple joys of life. He is also a passionate advocate for rescuing stray cats. Keith's career epitomizes resilience, dedication, and a commitment to excellence, leaving a positive impact in the construction industry and beyond.

    “Measure Twice, Cut Once”
    -Bill Anderson