Work Culture

We offer diversity through multiple disciplines we self perform in both the public and private market. This diversity allows our employees to develop broad skill sets, opportunities for career advancement, and employment stability during market downturns. Our shared ownership as a 100% Employee Owned Company provides a secure retirement and creates a dynamic culture of accountability, collaboration, shared accomplishment, and sense of family. Aside from great employee benefits, you can expect a company that values and appreciates our employee owners.

Employee Recognition

Employee Recognition Awards are given to an employee who has demonstrated the following qualities: leadership, pride in their work, strong work ethic, dependability, knowledge of their craft, gives and receives respect from their co-workers, represents McGuire and Hester in a positive manner and has had no lost time injuries or accidents. The award is an acknowledgment of the employee’s efforts towards the continued success of McGuire and Hester.

“We work hard, but we also have fun. Work-life balance is important to me and something that this company values.”
-Dulce Bugarin, Project Manager & Employee Owner

Benefits & ESOP

On average, McGuire and Hester's employee-owners have a retirement account balance higher than the averages seen in the construction industry as well as across all other industries. On your first day at McGuire and Hester, you become an employee-owner in our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). As an employee-owner, you receive a 100% Employer paid beneficial interest in stock. Your ESOP and 401k account with employer-matching shares will provide you with financial stability for tomorrow. This program also adds the additional advantage of being able to borrow funds from your own accounts today so that one can eliminate the need to pay extravagant lender interest rates often associated with paying down student loans or buying a new car. The funds could even help with a down payment on a new home or any other financial need that might crop up. Our employee-owners not only enjoy working for a company that provides this benefit and many more, but they also enjoy being rewarded for hard work, with the understanding of the importance of family and personal time off.

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