The emphasis we place on personal health and safety at McGuire and Hester is a reflection of how deeply we value our employees. To us, on-the-job safety is more than a legal requirement; it is a core component of our culture. This means that it is an up and down program and every person at McGuire and Hester is responsible for the safety of themselves and those on their team. Our goal: zero accidents and zero injuries.

Our Safety Manual contains our Corporate Safety Policies, including our Code of Safe Practices and our Injury and Illness Prevention Program which details guidelines employees must follow to protect themselves and their fellow workers on the job. If any employee recognizes or anticipates an unsafe situation, they have full authority to stop the job and inform management without any fear of reprisal.

Our Safety Program, under the leadership of our Vice President of Risk Management, is headed by our Safety Manager along with our Safety Administrator and full time dedicated Safety Inspectors . We believe that safety is 100% a team effort, and as such is developed, and enforced with the help of our employees and managers. We support the training and certification of our employees and recognize their achievements in both our project teams and especially in individual employees at our bi-annual company-wide Safety Roundups. We live and breathe Safety 24/7!

Safety Awards

The Excellence in Safety Award is presented to an employee who takes initiative to create a safer working environment by acting as a safety leader and who encourages others to do the same.

Safety Bucks Program

The safety buck program is an incentive program that exists to encourage the reduction of the number of accidents, incidents, and injuries to zero. To accomplish this goal, McGuire and Hester has developed the McGuire and Hester Safety “Bucks” Program where all employees earn M&H Safety Bucks that can be used to purchase McGuire and Hester merchandise.

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