Randy Montgomery

I.T. Manager


  • Microsoft Certified Professional, MCP Windows Server Administration
  • Professional Certificate in Essentials of Cybersecurity
  • Biography

    With over 25 years of industry and technical experience, Randy implements, manages, and ensures the security of all hardware and software resources for the organization. He and his team provide network and technical support and are highly effective in troubleshooting all performance issues.

    In addition to his wide-ranging technical expertise, Randy is an excellent trainer. He embraces the fact that everyone has different learning styles, and he regularly introduces new concepts to users with tailored training sessions to best support the entire organization.

    Randy is passionate about helping others. He enjoys volunteering technical support to non-profits and is an avid supporter of the Tri-Valley Minor Ice Hockey Association. He was introduced to the association when his son began playing in the league and quickly transitioned from a spectator to the Team Manager and then Volunteer Coordinator. His favorite piece of advice is that hard work pays off. While he leads a hectic life, Randy prioritizes taking time for himself and loves spending time with his family.

    "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."
    -Albert Einstein