Deer Valley High School Football Field Renovation

McGuire and Hester is proud to have contributed to the construction of a new stadium football field for Antioch Unified School District, including facilities for discus and shot put. The project involved a comprehensive scope of work, including demolition, off-hauling, grading, paving, concrete work, and importing materials. Our team worked hard to ensure that every aspect of the new field met the high standards expected for a modern athletic facility.

OWNERAntioch Unified School District
DURATION8 months


The project presented several significant challenges. The schedule was aggressive, with limited working days available through the winter. Additionally, the weather conditions were difficult, causing delays that compounded the urgency of the timeline. One of the most critical constraints was the drop-dead date for the high school graduation, which was scheduled to take place on the newly constructed field. This added an extra layer of pressure to meet the deadline without compromising on quality or safety.

The completion of the new stadium football field will have a significant impact on the local community. High school athletes now have access to vastly improved sporting field conditions, enhancing their training and competition experiences. The new facilities are expected to inspire greater participation in sports and foster a sense of pride and achievement among students and the wider community.

The success of this project underscores McGuire and Hester's capability to deliver high-quality construction under tight deadlines and challenging conditions. We remain dedicated to supporting our communities by building facilities that enhance local infrastructure and enrich lives.

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