Las Positas College Landscaping

This project focused on the selective demolition of paving and landscaping areas, aiming to revitalize the campus surroundings. The comprehensive scope of work encompassed the re-routing of existing utilities, installation of new utilities, implementation of new lighting, electrical systems, concrete structures, stormwater drainage solutions, irrigation enhancements, and new site work. Notably, the project involved the disposal and replacement of trees, grass, base rock, and more, ensuring a holistic transformation of the campus environment.

OWNERChabot-Las Positas Community College District
COMPLETIONDecember, 2023

Enhancing The Campus Environment

Operating under a very aggressive schedule, significant budgetary restrictions, and the inherent complexity of the project, we faced the added challenge of conducting the work in a location frequented by numerous students. With the location of this project being situated prominently in front of the campus, it had a direct impact on the students and staff. Strict planning and execution had to be prioritized to minimize disruptions and ensure the safety of everyone involved. Our crews prioritized minimizing inconvenience to daily campus activities, acknowledging the importance of creating a conducive environment for learning and work.

The project delivered a positive environmental impact by removing gravel entry and rejuvenating a deteriorating landscape at the campus. The introduction of new landscaping and pervious granite crete not only enhanced aesthetics but also contributed to sustainable and environmentally friendly campus features.

In navigating the challenges of an aggressive schedule and significant budgetary constraints, we actively contributed to the success in that regard. We provided alternative materials that not only met high-quality standards but also resulted in a cost-saving of $170,000 for the District. This project not only showcased our commitment to building things right, but also demonstrated our ability to optimize resources, minimize inconvenience, and maximize safety, ultimately leading to the project's overall success.

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