ACPW Patterson Pass Emergency Work

An emergency repair project for Alameda County, Patterson Pass Road had the roadway shoulder erode during heavy storms.



Patterson Pass Road had to be shutdown due to the shoulder and part of the roadway eroding into the cliffside. This road is commuter bypass road and is vital for traffic flow to and from the Valley. Having the road shutdown caused issues with traffic flow forcing everyone through 580 or Altamont Pass. There were several classified species in the area that we needed to be on the look out for. The county had a full time biologist on site to help mitigate any environmental concerns if they should arise. Crews worked extended hours six days a week to expedite the road re-opening. Overall commuters were happy to have the road complete and open.

Patterson Pass had approximately 30' of the roadway shoulder eroded away during heavy storms. The scope of work consisted on excavated out the eroded roadway embankment, install fabric reinforcement and placing Class II and Class V rock slope projection. After the slope was secured 70' of the roadway was paved and a new AC dike was added to help control runoff in future rain events The project geography and limits of repair required the use of specialty excavator with long reach capabilities. The steepness of the slope made access an issue and employees had to repel down when working at the bottom of the slope.

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