Lennar Homes Microtunneling Project

McGuire and Hester connected approx. 500 residential lots north of a Dry Creek to the sewer lift station that was located south of the creek. This was performed using the microtunneling process.

OWNERLennar Homes Of California
LOCATIONPlacerville, CA
COMPLETIONFebruary, 2023


In order to extend the sewer line to the southern region, a tunnel was carefully constructed beneath Dry Creek utilizing the sophisticated microtunneling technique. This complex operation took place approximately 5 feet beneath the creek bed. Our skilled crews were entrusted with the task of installing 280 linear feet of 36" welded steel casing, while also effectively slip-lining 300 linear feet of 21" PVC sewer pipe within the protective steel casing.

This endeavor presented a unique challenge in terms of environmental preservation, as it had the potential to significantly impact the existing fish and wildlife habitats, including the Swainson's hawk, Tricolored Blackbird, Burrowing Owl, Chinook Salmon, and the Central Valley Steelhead. At McGuire and Hester, we recognize the importance of environmental stewardship and worked in close collaboration with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to meticulously mitigate and eliminate any potential adverse effects on the local wildlife.

A comprehensive set of proactive measures were implemented to ensure the preservation of the delicate ecosystem. These measures included the appointment of a Designated Representative to facilitate coordination with the Department of Fish and Wildlife, rigorous adherence to CEQA Compliance standards, establishment of a specified work period, engagement of a Designated Biologist, provision of on-site educational efforts, identification and protection of crucial vegetation, strategic management of vehicle parking to minimize disruption near the natural habitat, and conducting thorough nesting bird surveys. These represent just a small selection of the comprehensive steps taken by our dedicated crew to guarantee the ecosystem's integrity remained uncompromised throughout the project's duration.

The successful outcome of this project is underscored by the seamless synergy between our conscientious team and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Through the diligent implementation of our mitigation measures, the local wildlife habitats were shielded and conserved. Furthermore, our efforts have culminated in the seamless connection of newly constructed homes to the local sewer line, contributing to the sustainable development of the community.

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