City Of Davis Emergency Waterline Repair

The City of Davis’s surface water transmission line was compromised by a directional drill operation on Wednesday, March 23rd at 10:45 a.m. Without this line the City is cut off from their water supply, operating at a limited capacity on their groundwater wells only.

OWNERCity Of Davis


Once our emergency response team received the call, our crew was on-site coordinationg and staffing all items needed for next steps by 3:30 pm. This consisted of a crew of 7 laborers and operators on site, a 65k lb excavator, a 938 loader, super dump, trench shields, hydraulic jacks, steel plates, dewatering pumps and a rig welder with steel to make the repair ready to go.

After a quick walk through with the crew, we broke ground exposing the line and dewatering before 4pm. By 7pm our crew had the pipe fully exposed and was able to determine the severity of the hit. As the day got late, the crew added light towers to the jobsite and dewatered for 3 hours until they were able to cut and patch the pipe with a welded steel buttstrap. The operation was completed with the pipe under chlorination before midnight the same day. The next morning we assisted the city in pressure testing the line and putting it back in service within 24 hours of the initial hit.

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