Jane Stanford Way Utility Replacement

Jane Stanford Way is the historic thoroughfare that runs through the heart of Stanford University. It is a pedestrian walking mall and the main bus/emergency vehicle route adjacent to several notable buildings, including Hoover Tower, Main Quad, and Memorial Auditorium.

LOCATIONStanford University
COMPLETIONSeptember, 2021


The project’s scope included: 3,000 lineal feet of domestic water, lake water, and reclaimed water. In addition to 300 tons of asphalt paving, crews installed the sanitary sewer and storm drain and rehabilitated Stanford’s outdated utility system to provide a new system with a 50-year lifespan.

The primary challenges for this project were material availability and accelerated schedule, each of which exacerbated the other. With supply shortages happening globally due to the pandemic, it was challenging to meet Stanford’s schedule for students to move back into the dorms in early September. As material arrived at the site throughout summer, we increased the number of crews on site to make up for lost time, installing as much pipe as we had on hand. This even included a night crew coming in to assist when there weren’t enough hours in the day shift to keep the work on schedule. On top of this, we had to keep pedestrian, bus, and emergency access through the street at all times. This area is very popular with visitors, and even with a reduction of students in the summer, it remains a busy street.

McGuire and Hester was involved in the design phase of the project, which allowed a smoother transition into the field work, and we performed a number of items on behalf of the Stanford Project Manager, such as developing traffic control plans with the Public Safety Department and coordinating work with the transportation department who manage the bus routes.

The crew completed this work on time, exceeded the expectations of the client, and did so without any safety incidents or work complaints.

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