Park Point Landscape

Park Point is a three-building office campus located in Milpitas, in the heart of the 237 corridor. The tenants at Park Point will be greeted with a new park and recreational area, which includes new landscaping, furnishings, and recreational amenities.

OWNEREmbarcadero Capital Partners
AWARDSENR California Best Projects


The project site was approximately 8.31 acres and included clear and grub of the site, temporary erosion control and maintenance, demo of existing site features including 5 retaining walls. McGuire and Hester put into place enhanced outdoor collaboration and recreation areas that included outdoor patio and dining areas, a pickleball court, sand volleyball court, and an all-purpose sports field.

Scope also included: Installing a high end landscape office park on 376,000 square feet of area, importing 12,000 cy of fill to create new mounds, new two wire irrigation system with WeatherTrak controllers, 280 trees, 12,500 plants and shrubs, 18,453 sf of top cast meandering pathway at 8' wide, sand volleyball curb, 12 precast benches, 1 fire feature wall, foundations for outdoor trellis, pickleball court, and a meandering DG pathway. Other extensive site furnishings were installed as well.

Site access on this project was a challenge that the field team overcame. Due to the schedule and physical site constraints, the project team had to be flexible and creative when setting up site access roads in order to keep the work efficient and on schedule.

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