Newark Twin Force Main Relocation

The twin force mains project will place new pipes that controls sewage for three cities. (These pipes pump 12 Million gallons of sewage a day and is vital to these cities operations.)

OWNERTaylor Morrison Homes
COMPLETIONDecember 2021


The Union Sanitary District continuously provides sewer service to their service area, which includes the project site. The twin force mains deliver raw sewage from the Irvington Pump Station, approximately 7 miles south of the project site, through the project site to the Newark Pump Station, approximately 2,100 feet north of the project site. M&H scope of work consists of the following: 1,750 LF of trench, 3,500 LF of new HDPE force main pipe, four new manhole structures, three shored excavations with dewatering at each location, treatment system for contaminated ground water, eight tie ins with FCA's and the bypass of existing RCP force mains.

The crew was faced with the unforeseen challenge of contaminated groundwater. Unable to move forward until this was resolved, this delayed the project 3.5 months however, the completion date expectation stayed the same.

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