Paso Verde K-8 School

The new Paso Verde K-8 School is 90,000 sf and is designed to accommodate almost 1,000 students. The campus includes an administration building, gymnasium with locker rooms, science labs, cafeteria and a multi-purpose room. The campus will also include collaboration spaces as well as outdoor learning environments. The construction of this new school will allow the community to house their children in a school close to home as the community in the area had outgrown their existing school which forced new community members to enroll their children in schools outside of their district until this new school was complete.

OWNERNatomas Unified School District


Increment 1 of the project included rough grading 90,000 sf / 56,000 cyds, installation of underground utility lines including: 3,900 feet of storm drain, 1,100 feet of sewer, 7,000 feet of domestic and fire water, gas, electrical and low voltage conduits within 5’ of buildings, 13 manholes, 60 drain inlets, 8,000 tons of AB, and 91,000 sf of lime treatment.

Increment 2 involved new school construction split between onsite and offsite improvements. Fine grading of approximately 600,000 SF of parking lots, play areas, and hardscape areas and AC paving of approximately 250,000 SF, installed 2,000 lf of 10” SS at approximately 26-foot deep utilizing approximately 20 dewatering wells about 40-foot deep to control the groundwater to install the sewer line. Also installed approximately 1,000 lf of FW & DW with DDC’s, 1,500 lf of 2” gas line, and 1,200 lf of SD. Placed approximately 5,000 tons of asphalt. Lime Treated the entry road, approximately 80,000 sf.

McGuire and Hester faced many challenges on this project. Starting with an extremely congested job site. M&H and other trade contractors decided they must work together scheduling their work to make it the most efficient for all. This was not an easy task but one that was necessary in order to complete the project in the most productive way possible. The biggest challenge on this project was two-fold, the installation of the 26-foot deep SS line while maintaining access into the project site for all other trades which only allowed an approximate 40-foot R/W to perform this work. Dewatering wells were installed on 50-foot centers down the alignment which had its own challenges. All of this coupled with the beginning of COVID-19 and the stringent requirements that came along with the pandemic. McGuire and Hester crews worked diligently to complete this project in one of the world’s most uncertain times with regards to the pandemic all while working safely and as productively as allowed with all of the additional safety measures that were put in place to protect our employees.

The Paso Verde K-8 School project required several onsite contractors to coordinate in an efficient manner. M&H provided construction access to the site while completing underground, grading and paving. We assisted the GC with scheduling and phasing suggestions to keep the project ongoing.

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