Oakland On-Call Citywide Pavement Rehab

Beginning in 2019, the City of Oakland committed to major paving updates throughout the cities streets. The 3-year paving plan incorporates equity, street condition, and safety metrics to prioritize repaving across Oakland. An excerpt from their website states” Safe, well-maintained streets are the foundation of every neighborhood's local transportation network. They're vital whether you get around by bus, bike, on foot, in a wheelchair or stroller, or in a car. In the process of repaving Oakland's streets, Oakland has an opportunity to update newly resurfaced streets with designs that accommodate more users and meet even higher standards for safety and accessibility.”

OWNERCity Of Oakland


McGuire and Hester contracted with the city to be one of their on-call contractors of choice for any repairs and improvements needed during the 2019 and 2020 calendar year. During this time our crews paved over 30,000 tons of asphalt. This project had its share of challenges. The team worked on dozens of congested Oakland streets, managing the safety of pedestrians, and at times working on narrow hilly roads.

Project Scope: Pavement rehabilitation, pavement reconstruction, base repair, crack sealing, micro-surfacing, speed bump, removal and replacement of concrete sidewalk, removal and replacement of curb and gutter, removal and replacement of concrete ADA ramp (w/truncated dome), installation of concrete ADA ramp (w/truncated dome), removal and replacement of traffic striping, removal and installation of pavement markings, installation of flexible delineators and K-71 marker posts, installation of channelizing curb system, installing modular segregating curb pieces, installing modular loading platform, and all associated work.

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