SFO Boarding Area A

This project encompasses a comprehensive overhaul within Boarding Area A, aimed at enhancing the flexibility of aircraft parking and optimizing associated infrastructure. The focal points include the replacement of existing passenger boarding bridges, apron improvements, upgrades to the hydrant fueling system, installation of new fixed bridges, door penetrations, and necessary enhancements to building systems and other critical infrastructure.

OWNERSan Francisco International Airport
LOCATIONSan Francisco, CA
COMPLETIONOctober, 2020

Revitalizing Boarding Area A: A Comprehensive Overhaul for Enhanced Aircraft Flexibility

The Scope of Work is extensive and involves various key components. This includes the construction of new hydrant pits, the modification of existing hydrant pits to high point vents, and the removal of outdated hydrants. The also involves the removal and replacement of 29 concrete passenger boarding bridge foundations at Boarding Area A gates, coring, and installation of 300 8" diameter concrete-filled bollards throughout the area, and the replacement of 138 concrete apron pavement slabs at all Boarding Area A Gates.

Additionally, the project required the installation and rerouting of storm drain and sewer lines to accommodate a new bus annex, the modification of four jet fuel hydrant pits, and extensive excavation work to align with revised aircraft envelopes and positioning at two gates. This involved removing existing hydrant pits, extending lateral lines, and installing new hydrant pits.

Our crews also replaced two existing hydrant heads with high point vent assemblies and addressing infrastructure needs at live taxiways. This included the removal of existing concrete apron paving at two engine start-up pads and the removal and replacement of 12,000 tons of asphalt paving in the existing taxiway. These measures collectively contribute to the overall efficiency, safety, and adaptability of aircraft operations within Boarding Area A.

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