Water Meter Retrofits

The work generally consisted of furnishing and placing water meters, Smart point M2 Radio Transcievers (MXUs), registers, and all related components necessary to complete the work as specified in the plans.

OWNERCity of Sacramento


The work included the replacement of pavement, concrete sidewalk concrete curb and gutter, concrete driveway and concrete valley gutter, and public and private landscaping removed or damaged as a consequence of the work, as well as traffic stripes, pavement markings, and all necessary traffic control.

The Richmond Grove area of Sacramento was a sensitive area that is known to have prehistoric and historic-period archaeological material buried in the native soil. McGuire and Hester had to follow the guidelines set forth by CEQA and have a Native American monitor on-site at all times. The area is also surrounding an elementary school.

McGuire and Hester completed these projects on time and on budget. Additionally, we were responsible for all notifications and public outreach resulting in positive feedback from homeowners.

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