Encina Hall

As part of an ongoing effort to transform Stanford’s Serra Street into a bicycle and pedestrian mall, cars are no longer permitted between Galvez Street and Campus Drive East since July 23, 2019.

OWNERStanford University


This is the fifth phase of development for the Serra Mall project that has been taking shape since 1994 and is designed to improve safety by eliminating conflicts between cars, bicyclists, pedestrians and parking zones in a busy part of campus. Features of the newly extended stretch of Serra Mall will include generous sidewalks, lighting and a two-way thoroughfare open only to bicycles, the Marguerite shuttle, carts and emergency vehicles.

McGuire and Hester removed an existing parking lot and relocated it to the side of the building in order to install new landscaping directly in front of Encina Hall. We also closed down a portion of Serra Street to vehicular traffic and created a new extension of Serra Mall including asphalt pavers, decorative concrete bands and ramps, along with granite curbs. We are currently installing the first granite bike circle at the intersection of Galvez and Serra Mall which will be the first of many to come.

This project was very high profile due to being associated with Encina Hall. The biggest challenges were coordination, public safety, budget, and schedule due to permit delays.

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