5th and Bryant

We were able to be a part of a unique and special project that will have a direct impact on the marginalized segment of our population. Navigation Centers are San Francisco’s answer to the issue of homelessness that has increased in recent years.

OWNERCity of San Francisco
LOCATIONSan Francisco


These centers are different from the typical homeless shelter model because they allow tenants to stay with family/friends, keep their pets, and don’t require lining up every night in hopes of securing a bed. What started out as a $1.4 million contract grew to $2.6 million as we took on new scope. This was not a design-build project, but our project managers helped city planners finish the design and troubleshoot issues. We built the deck, installed metal doors, laid concrete, used a new anti-graffiti coating, and lots of carpentry.

Aside from our scope, we helped the City when they were in a jam with other shelters. We built a 15 foot trellis for another shelter, plumbed gas lines into one of their buildings, and built a storage area for all 5-6 navigation centers. This 84-bed center is part of a 1,000 bed rollout by 2020.

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