Microsoft SVC BP 2C Site Utility & Rainwater Install

The new 643,000 square foot campus was designed with the employee in mind. It integrates technology throughout that enhances their experience, gives back to the local environment, and enables our community to connect with each other. It is Microsoft’s smartest, greenest office yet with a net zero non-potable water system.

LOCATIONMountain View


Our crews were hired for the installation of underground utilities which consisted of sanitary sewer, storm drain, domestic water, recycled water, blackwater, and natural gas which totaled nearly 42,000 total feet of pipe installed. This project included a blackwater system that was designed to capture and treat all the buildings waste water for reuse on the campus. The blackwater system included the installation of (4) 75,000 gallon blended water tanks, (2) 60,000 gallon rainwater storage tanks, a 20,000 and (2) 10,000 gallon septic tanks, a vertical flow wetlands, numerous pump stations, and multiple equipment rooms.

Our crews were forced to deal with was the fact that no existing utilities were removed from the site. This resulted in us constantly encountering abandoned underground pipe and structures. This then required us to remove the abandoned systems that were in conflict with our install which sometimes resulted in a full removal and backfill operation prior to us continuing with our new installation.

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