SFO Transfer Line and Hydrant System

This project at the SFO Airport involves a comprehensive upgrade to both the transfer line and hydrant systems, aiming to enhance functionality and efficiency. The extensive scope of work includes diverse tasks such as demolition, excavation, grading, concrete foundations, concrete and asphalt paving, and the installation of new hydrant and valve pits, along with various piping modifications.

OWNERSan Francisco International Airport
LOCATIONSan Francisco, CA
COMPLETIONJanuary, 2021

Nightly Maneuvers in Vital Infrastructure Upgrades

Our team conducted precise asphalt and concrete demolition in the United RON parking area, replacing the high point vent. Despite challenging existing piping conditions, crews efficiently replaced the fiberglass pit and internal high point vent piping during a single fuel drawdown, ensuring excavation and surface restoration.

Crews performed nightly runway shutdowns on runway 10R, focusing on asphalt and concrete demolition for the replacement of a high point vent and low point drain. Adapting to existing piping conditions, we replaced fiberglass pits and internal high point vent and low point drain piping during one fuel drawdown, complemented by thorough excavation and surface restoration. As well as nightly shutdowns of taxiway B1 & Gate G141 enabled the crew to replace a low point drain in the taxiway. Addressing existing piping conditions, our crew efficiently replaced fiberglass pits and internal low point drain piping during a single fuel drawdown, concluding with excavation, backfill, and surface restoration.

BAF-F14 (Gate G7 when work was performed) saw our crew orchestrating a temporary gate closure for Gate F14. This involved removing an existing concrete apron panel, exposing an existing fuel hydrant pit, and performing temporary support for fuel piping. The crew then replaced the fiberglass pit, coated existing fuel piping, installed a new fiberglass pit, fabricated a new flanged spool for a new hydrant head, and concluded with precise excavation backfill and PCCP panel restoration.

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