Sinkhole & Storm Drain

The winter rains of 2015-2016, with El Niño related conditions led to the events of March 13, 2016 when a 15’ wide by 20’ long by 15’ deep sinkhole developed at the Rheem Boulevard and Center Street intersection.

OWNERTown of Moraga


As rains continued throughout that afternoon, a traffic signal pole, a PG&E electrical switch vault, and a portion of sidewalk fell into the expanding sinkhole. The collapse ruptured a 4” gas line, requiring an immediate evacuation of the surrounding areas and disrupted service to more that 2,600 PG&E customers.

Repair work was delayed until July of 2017 due to funding issues. After receiving emergency federal funding the Town of Moraga entered into contract with McGuire and Hester to remove all of the failed 96-inch corrugated metal pipe and install a new reinforced concrete pipe.

Work included repair of the effected streetscape and roadway at the intersection. McGuire and Hester crews finished all work on time for the scheduled road re-opening ceremony in November of 2017.

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