MacArthur Meadows

Historically, the site known as MacArthur Meadow in the Presidio is part of the Tennessee Hollow Watershed. It functioned as a wet meadow, collecting seasonal rains and filtering the water of three converging creek tributaries as the water makes its way to the bay

OWNERThe Presidio Trust
LOCATIONThe Presidio, San Francisco


In the late 1880s, it was altered to meet the needs of a military post and is also well known as the spot where the Lovers’ Lane boardwalk crosses the Tennessee Hollow Watershed. In 2015, the Presidio Trust, the National Park Service, and the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy began the meadow’s restoration.

McGuire and Hester was contracted for the removal of some 10,000 cubic yards of fill deposited by the military. Referencing historical maps our crews excavated channels to recreate the creeks that once flowed through this area. The presence of Phytophthora at the site required that special methods be used to excavate, store, dispose of or reuse soil. The wetland restoration made the existing historical Lovers’ Lane walkway impossible to use. Our crews were contracted to build a new elevated boardwalk to replace the walkway. The new boardwalk has overlook platforms, lighting, and guardrails. The boardwalk leads to the historical Lovers' Lane Bridge that was able to remain in place. In addition to excavation and building the boardwalk, McGuire and Hester also rerouted a sanitary line and worked on storm drain improvements that will satisfy requirements of future phases of the project.

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