Salesforce Transit Center Rooftop Park

The new Transbay Center, dubbed by many as the “Grand Central Station of the West”, will connect eight Bay Area Counties through 11 transportation systems.

OWNERTransbay Joint Powers Authority
LOCATIONSan Francisco


The project calls for up to 100,000 square feet of retail space and a rooftop park that will include restaurants, a café, a playground and an amphitheatre for concerts and live performances.

McGuire and Hester was awarded the landscaping and irrigation package of the project and performed all work as a subcontractor to Webcor Obayashi Joint Venture. The scope called for the creation of a 5.4-acre rooftop park, including the planting of more than 200 species of plants all of which were procured from nurseries throughout California and Oregon.

The plants and trees were then moved to a nursery in Sunol where specialists from McGuire and Hester cared for them until they were ready for delivery to the rooftop park. In addition to landscape work, McGuire and Hester crews performed decorative and architectural concrete work that included the construction of grey water basin walls, custom fountain walls, and pedestrian pathways throughout the recreational public park.

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