Kaiser Helipad

This project involved the conversion of a 40,000 square foot parking lot into an elevated helicopter landing pad with surrounding landscape.



McGuire and Hester’s Pipeline, Grading, Paving, Concrete and Landscape teams were a perfect fit for this high profile project. The landscape portion consisted of planting 120 boxed trees, 3,000 shrubs, and installing 11,000 feet of drip line.

Lastly, coconut netting and 125 tons of decorative rock mulch was installed to help protect the sloped banks of the helicopter pad. The concrete portion of work consisted of 300 feet of spiral footings and a 2,300 square foot helicopter pad with a deep footing apron.

The Kaiser Vacaville Medical Center helipad is one of the largest in Northern California, bringing faster access to quality care when minutes matter the most.

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