Perimeter road of Keifer Landfill

Kiefer Landfill

This project was essential to ensure the public and franchise haulers had access to existing landfill modules during the future construction of Module 4.

OWNERCounty of Sacramento
LOCATIONSacramento County
COMPLETIONOctober, 2019


The infrastructure of this project included 90,000 cubic yards of excavation, 7,200 lineal feet of new aggregate base perimeter road, 3,800 feet of concrete road barrier wall, 4,530 feet of storm drainage pipe, and 3,390 linear feet of new HDPE landfill gas header, leachate, and condensate pipes. The expansion of the landfill perimeter road also allows for access to the future new modules that will provide many more years of landfill capacity to the Sacramento region. The weather was a challenge that caused a substantial delay to the start of this project.

Once the project was underway, earthwork activities required careful consideration as the site soils became extremely slippery with even small amounts of rain, making work impossible to proceed. This project also required critical phasing and coordination of the earthwork with the underground storm drain system. Portions of the project required open-cut of 48” and 54” pipe of excavations exceeding 20 feet in depth.  It was important that the project be phased to install underground storm drain pipe in areas scheduled to receive fill before the fill was placed. Despite the weather delays and phasing challenges, this project was a success for all involved.

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