Mike Hester



  • Oregon State University, B.S., Construction Management
  • State Commissioner, California Uniform Construction Cost Accounting Commission
  • Vice President, Construction Industry Force Account Council
  • Board of Directors, Oakland Chamber of Commerce
  • JASTC Committee Member, Port of Oakland
  • Board of Directors, Cypress Mandela Training Center
  • Past President, United Contractors Association
  • Steering Committee Member, Laney Community College Construction Program
  • Construction Education Foundation Committee Member, Oregon State University
  • Industry Advisory Board Member, Construction Resource Center


McGuire and Hester was founded by two Irish immigrants, one of which was Mike Hester’s grandfather. As early as grade school Mike recalls going to work with his dad and handling very important tasks including sorting bolts in the warehouse.

As he got older, Mike’s responsibilities in and out of the warehouse grew. He did everything from building barricades for jobsites to driving fuel trucks and transport after earning his commercial driver’s license at the age of 18. Mike continued to build his resume while attending Oregon State University where he earned his degree in Construction Management.

Upon graduation, he returned to McGuire and Hester as a project engineer and continued on to work as an estimator, project manager, and operations manager before being promoted to president in 1990. Mike was instrumental in leading his management team through operational changes and under his direction annual revenue increased from $10 million to more than $180 million.

McGuire and Hester is now employee owned and Mike oversees all departments within the organization. His leadership has helped position McGuire and Hester as one of California’s most respected heavy civil engineering and commercial site services companies.

"Everything happens for a reason."