John Muir Walnut Creek

Clark construction

$16.1 MM

From the construction of the temporary parking lot in 2007 to the grand opening in 2011, McGuire and Hester was on-site from the start. Working for several different clients, we participated in the installation of a temporary helipad, new multi-level parking structure, existing lot demolition, emergency room access site work, mass ex and utilities, central utility plant, a 20,000 gallon fuel tank as part of the OSHPD requirements, structural walls for the underground loading dock, site utilities, and provided continued support for hospital expansion infrastructure.


This long term heavy lifting culminated with the installation of the architectural and landscape finishes. This Gates + Associates design included, architectural concrete paving and walls, stone masonry paving and granite block bollards. Opposite the main entry, a 200 foot ‘mountain range’ sculpture of steel and glass framed the drop off area. Facing the main entry along the ‘River of Light’ axis, a fountain was constructed of split boulders and masonry coping. Thousands of shrubs and trees adorned the project and were accented by trellises, benches and other furnishings inviting you to relax.







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