12th Street Reconstruction

City of oakland      $35MM

In an area that had not been redeveloped since the 1950's, Lake Merritt was transformed by this shoreline renovation project. The project not only removed an unfriendly and obsolete pedestrian roadway configuration, but enabled the return of the original tidal slough from the lake to the bay with the removal of a long stretch of buried box culvert. Additionally, this major revitalization project added a 3.5 acre civic park that vastly improved pedestrian access around the lake, as well as to nearby Laney College and the Kaiser Convention Center.


The scope for this multi-year project included the removal of 12 lanes of traffic on 3 separate roads for consolidation into a more functional 6 lane boulevard and superstructure.  This provided more sensibly configured, signalized intersections and pedestrian interface.  The key structure of the project is the new multi-lane vehicular bridge and the separate pedestrian bridge over the new open channel. This project was finished with 4,500 linear feet of rehabilitated lake shoreline, pedestrian paths, architectural concrete, and landscaping throughout, including tidal wetlands restoration.







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