Lake Merritt Boathouse

City of oakland

$4.1 MM

As part of the City of Oakland’s on-going effort to re-vitalize the Lake Merritt shoreline, McGuire and Hester was contracted to renovate the 4 acre area surrounding the remodeled ‘Boathouse’ building, home to the City’s original ‘Municipal Boathouse’.

From Lakeside Drive to the Lake Merritt shoreline, the existing landscaping and hardscape was completely removed and new utilities (fire service, domestic water, sanitary sewer) were installed to service the new restaurant.  Adorning the Boathouse and shoreline, a new park was installed with decorative concrete paths, seating areas and landscape.  The ‘green’ design criteria were met through installation of a green roof, pervious concrete, and a decorative bio-swale; all designed to capture and filter runoff.  The Boathouse and Park were re-dedicated in August of 2009 amid compliments from the City and public.

All work, save electrical, was self-performed by McGuire and Hester crews.








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