EBMUD Laguna Pressure Zone

Orinda, ca

$7.2 MM

Construction of the Baseline Laguna Project for the EBMUD included construction of two welded steel tank reservoirs on concrete foundations. The tanks were a 1 million gallon and quarter million gallon welded steel tank with aluminum dome roof.  Pipelines leading up to the tanks include 1905 lf of 12” mortar lined and plastic coated steel pipe and 935 lf of 12” mortar lined and plastic coated steel pipe respectively. Each tank included a concrete valve structure with inlet/outlet valves and piping and SCADIA controls. The tanks included the building of curb and gutter, asphalt access roads, concrete brow ditches for drainage, security fencing, and landscaping to include trees and hydroseeding.


The project also included a reinforced masonry pumping plant and yard with three 25 HP vertical turbine pumps and motors.. The pumping plant was a CMU block wall building and yard wall on a concrete foundation, with a structural concrete roof. Architectural features included stucco over the exterior block wall, with stucco coated wooden cripple walls and clay tile roofing over the structural concrete roof to imitate the appearance of a California Mission.


Finally, the work included the demolition and disposal of a 0.10 million gallon bolted steel tank (Oak Springs Reservoir), and a 0.3 MGD pumping plant (Crossroads Pumping Plant).







Contact Information

Corporate Office:

2810 Harbor Bay Parkway

Alameda, CA 94502

Phone: 510-632-7676

Oakland Regional Office

9009 Railroad Avenue

Oakland,  CA 94603

Phone: 510-632-7676

Sacramento Regional Office

1016 North Market Blvd. Ste 20

Sacramento, CA 95834

Phone: 916-372-8910

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