Plumas Streetscape

City of yuba city

$11.8  MM

This project involved the complete removal of all curb, gutter, sidewalks, roadway and utilities from building to building front down six city blocks in the heart of Yuba City’s downtown shopping district. The project was complicated by the fact that access had to be provided to all businesses throughout the project. McGuire and Hester worked in carefully coordinated teams, often using double shifts to complete the streetscape project with minimal inconvenience to downtown business owners. When the project was complete, McGuire and Hester was recognized by the downtown business association for its outstanding work and its emphasis on meeting the needs of the business community. Visitors to the new downtown are treated to custom finished architectural concrete streetscape with upscale lighting, mature palm trees, landscaping planters inlaid with bronze medallions and recessed lighting. This project represents some of our best streetscape work both above and below the ground.







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