Reclaimed Water Pipeline

City of palo alto / Mountain view

$16.3  MM

This project was a joint venture between the cities of Palo Alto and Mountain View, designed to service large commercial property owners with post-treated water coming out of Palo Alto’s sewage treatment plant. This is a common water-saving means of mitigating the growing industrial and irrigation needs found in commercial parks. The project area was fairly extensive including 7.5 miles of piping ranging from 30” at the treatment plant, to 6” at the branch locations. Except at the actual connections to customers, the entire pipeline was installed in city streets. Due to the high volume of daytime vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian traffic, much of the pipe was installed at nights when much of the commercial district was closed. This was a safety measure McGuire and Hester took, which equally helped reduce the project’s impact on the neighboring businesses. This project was completed in the midst of Palo Alto’s busy commercial district, so our team had to manage traffic control and pedestrian safety while trenching, installing, backfilling and paving. McGuire and Hester had 55 employees on the job daily, working day and night shifts to manage and complete the project. The job entailed installation of 7.5 miles of pipe ranging from 6” to 30” in diameter, as well as the installation of ductile iron, PVC reclaimed waterlines, and 67 customer connections.






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