Coyote Valley Research Park

San jose / devcon construction

$6.8  MM

Coyote Valley Research Park is a 588-acre site comprising nearly 279 developable acres within Coyote Valley in South San Jose. Thanks to the efforts of DivcoWest, this project has been fully approved for construction of 4.4 million square feet of commercial and industrial space. DivcoWest contracted McGuire and Hester to construct an extensive dewatering system to prep the site for mass grading, and to install keyways and clay core for a retention dam. We were also responsible for the installation of 250,000 square feet of armor-flex panels for slope protection, 4000 linear feet of Fisher Creek bypass channel and rip-rap outfalls. The dewatering phase was a major challenge on this project. Groundwater was at 5’ below the existing grade and our initial cuts were 15’ to bottom of keyway. Ultimately, the dewatering covered 1 million square feet and required 85 wells running 24 hours a day for eight months. In addition, a special rigging device was built to ensure that the armor flex panels could be set safely and efficiently.




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